About Basic ESL

Basic ESL Workbook

Basic ESL introduces grammar and writing to beginner English language learners. Students improve their English skills through simple examples and exercises. Each lesson includes a topic for vocabulary and introduces a basic grammar concept. The workbook exercises are built around each lesson’s vocabulary and grammar examples. This provides students an opportunity to practice sentence structure and vocabulary together in a meaningful way. The workbooks are an excellent resource for students to practice writing skills and improve their English.

The 45 lessons are designed to give beginner students a lesson-by-lesson path for improving their English. Each lesson builds on the previous lesson’s vocabulary and grammar. After completing all 3 workbooks, students will have covered multiple parts of speech, different tenses, modals and much more.

3 Workbooks • 45 lessons

There are three workbooks with 15 lessons each. The complete workbook series includes 45 lessons.

  • Workbook 1: Lessons 1-15
  • Workbook 2: Lessons 16-30
  • Workbook 3: Lessons 31-45


We encourage students to complete the lessons in order and with the help of teacher, tutor or friend.

  1. Review lesson vocabulary and grammar
  2. Watch the lesson videos
  3. Complete the exercises in the workbook
  4. Download extra exercises

Videos and Downloads | basicesl.com | YouTube

Each workbook lesson also features English pronunciation videos to review the lesson vocabulary and grammar. The vocabulary and grammar examples in the videos are identical to the workbooks. The examples are presented in order, through an easy-to-understand listen-and-repeat format. The videos are an excellent resource for students to practice listening, reading, and speaking skills.

Downloads including extra exercises and lesson quizzes are also available. Become a basicesl.com member to download worksheets and get discount pricing on workbooks and bilingual dictionaries.