Basic ESL for Institutions

We define an institution as any type of place that has members, students or employees that could benefint from online English language lessons.  We have partnered with over 300 schools, libraries and adult literacy programs to bring our Basic ESL lessons to communities across the US. We feel Basic ESL is a structured program that can benefit any type of group looking to learn or improve their English skills.


Libraries use Basic ESL Resource as an online database and resource for their communities.  Some libraries have decided to use Basic ESL in their local literacy programs as the backbone for self study in between weekly classes.

Libraries in over 35 states accross the US are using Basic ESL as a resource for their community.  Help us promote English literacy in your community.


Public Schools at the secondary level are using Basic ESL Pro as a multifunctional tool in their ESL toolbox.  Basic ESL Online and Workbook resources supplement existing curriculum resources and bolster student’s English. Students can involve their families at home and complete lessons together.  

School Districts can also address the needs of ELL parents by making Basic ESL Online available as a parent resource on their websites.

TESOL Teachers

TESOL teachers can use Basic ESL to build an ESL classroom for students that are looking to be tutored.  Students benefit from English lessons that are in the classroom for instruction and online for self-study.  Teachers benefit from having a structured program where students with different native languages can all use the same materials.

Join us and offer  Basic ESL Classes in your local community.

Work & Community

Work and community environments can benefit from providing Basic ESL Online lessons to staff or members to promote English literacy.  Basic ESL could benifit groups of employees at restaurants.  Churches could use Basic ESL as a resource to get together while learning English. 

Access for Basic ESL makes it easy to offer Basic ESL lessons to your students, members or community. Please contact us and let us know a little about your English language learners. We can create custom packages based on your needs.

Learn more about Access.

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