Basic ESL for Individuals

We are improving Basic ESL everyday and have some big plans for the future.  Locally we are providing local ESL classes for our community using Basic ESL.  For those students who can not join us locally we want to invite you to join us with our Basic ESL Self-Study Package. 

Basic ESL Self-Study Package

  • Basic ESL Online Levels 1-3
  • Access for 1 Year
  • Basic ESL Levels 1-3 Textbooks
  • Basic ESL Levels 1-3 Workbooks
  • Technical Support
  • 24/7 Self-Study
Self Study Package



Self-study and practice is the most important part of learning English.  With Basic ESL you can learn vocabulary and sentence structure.  Learn how to speak English well.  By reviewing the online lessons and completing the written exercises you will be able to communicate in real word situations.  Basic ESL levels 1-3 offers 45 lessons.  Learn the basics with Basic ESL.