Basic ESL in the Classroom

Use Basic ESL as a resource in the classroom.  Provide students with online lessons and workbooks.  Great for adult literacy programs.  Perfect as an extra resource in secondary schools.


Set up a group English language learners with Basic ESL Online.  Track individual student progress as well as group wide statistics with reports.  Manage your students and Access profile.

Basic ESL Program

Basic ESL teaches vocabulary and sentence structure.  It is designed for schools, libraries and literacy programs looking to provide practical English language lessons to their students or members. The lessons can be used as the backbone for an adult library literacy program or as a supplemental resource for schools with diverse ELL students.

Basic ESL’s online courses includes vocabulary, grammar and topical activities which will improve student listening, reading and speaking skills. Basic ESL’s workbooks include writing exercises based upon the online content.  When combined with lesson plans, the Basic ESL Program is an all-encompassing English course suitable for beginning and intermediate students.

Using Basic ESL students will improve both their written and verbal English skills.  This program is more than just travel phrases and vocabulary.

Benefits of Basic ESL

  • Quality English Pronunciation
  • Native Language Support
  • Online Lessons and Workbooks
  • Teacher's Guide with Lesson Plans
  • Activities and Worksheets
  • Quizzes and Chapter Tests
  • Self-Study and Practice

Basic ESL Teacher's Guide

The teacher’s guide covers Basic ESL levels 1-3. The lesson plans reference the online and workbook components to structure weekly classroom lessons with prepared assignments, exercises and quizzes. Each lesson plan includes an overview, quizzes, activities and worksheets. Teachers can build on the lesson plan examples or create their own using the Basic ESL program.